03 Media Package パッケージメディア
Preparation of photography,illustration, and script for covers Graphic design service. Engraving/printing/binding/case making.Planning and production of bonus items and customized case.
Planning and production of posters, flyers, point-of-purchase (POP) advertising, standees, and novelty goods. Planning and management of promotional events.
Tsukuba Factory (New-generation DVD, DVD, DVD-ROM, CD, CD-ROM) Gifu Factory (New-generation DVD, DVD, DVD-ROM, CD, CD-ROM) Media Logi-Tech Corporation (affiliate):Gotemba Factory Shanghai United Optical Disc Co., Ltd. (affiliate)
Sales Promotion by using flash-memory / Duplication / Case Printing / Enclosure Production / Create BML Site.
Standard or custom assembly.Media Logi-Tech Corporation (including packaging assembly for PC software, cell phones, and video games)

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