Memory-Tech Corporation (CEO and President, Shiroharu Kawasaki, Tokyo, Japan) releases KaleiDA-Turbo™ jointly developed with Broadcast International (CEO, Rod Tiede, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) and Fixstars Corporation (CEO, Satoshi Miki, Tokyo, Japan).

The KaleiDA-Turbo™ product realizes real-time encoding for HD H.264 using CELL/B.E. based Fixstars GigaAccel™ 180. It reduces drastically encoding time and hardware cost compared with the currently available software based H.264 encoding systems.

Memory-Tech, one of the biggest CD/DVD replication factories, has been penetrating Memory-Tech KaleiDA-Vu™ digital asset management solution in the market as defacto-standard system for music master archiving and meta data management. Following the market demand and needs for high-quality HD real-time encoding solution, Memory-Tech decided to use high-performance CELL/B.E. processor for the Kaleida family product solution. Memory-Tech developed high-performance H.264 real-time encoding solution system, KaleiDA-Turbo™ together with Broadcast International, developer of CELL/B.E. H.264 encoder CodecSys and Fixstars, the experienced CELL/B.E. software developer.

“Collaboration with partners is indispensable for Memory-Tech archiving solution business deployment and customer support. We are very pleased to establish business partnership with Fixstars, developer of high-performance CELL/B.E. graphic processor based H.264 real-time encoder. We would like to strengthen partnership and cooperation with IBM, CELL process board developer, and Fixstars. We are going to develop useful systems and support customers of wide-ranged customers of the Japanese movie, industry and education industry.”, says Shiroharu Kawasaki, Memory-Tech CEO and President.

“IBM Japan welcomes Memory-Tech’s Cell/B.E. based H.264 real-time encoder product release. IBM Japan believes the solution provided by Memory-Tech will accelerate the enablement of High Resolution video solutions in the Japanese market. IBM continues to partner with market leading companies to provide end to end solutions for our clients in digital media industry in the world.” says Janet Snowdon, Media and Entertainment lead of IBM Japan. IBM partners with Memory-Tech and provides tape storage systems. IBM also supplies hardware of the GigaAccel 180 to Fixstars.

“Software-based solutions for real-time video encoding promise to transform the video distribution landscape,” said Rod Tiede, CEO of Broadcast International. “Fixstars has become a valued partner in Japan and we are pleased to welcome Memory-Tech into the evolving CodecSys ecosystem. As a worldwide leader in storage and media management, Memory-Tech will be critical to the expansion of CodecSys technology into this important vertical market and we look forward to a prosperous relationship.”

“We are very proud that our H.264 real-time software encoder was adopted as the engine of Memory-Tech’s “KaleiDA -Turbo™ and providing an innovative solution for our customer,” said Satoshi Miki, CEO of Fixstars. We will offer generous technical cooperation for Memory-Tech and keep working to provide best solutions for high-resolution oriented society.”

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