Memory-Tech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Yutaka Ueda) corresponds to changes in the content viewing environment due to the spread of digital devices, in order to achieve the user experience improvement, a new “DISC PLUS”service will start.
DISC PLUS service is intended to provide a mechanism that can be sold by applying the right to view the same content in the smartphone and tablet to package products such as BD / DVD / CD. Dedicated serial code to the product and that it get shipped, and you can get easily offer video and music viewing services of a dedicated app to end-user customers. By take advantage of this DISC PLUS services, as well as the content manufacturers can significantly reduce the cost of its own to develop a content distribution system infrastructure, it is possible to provide a further improvement in convenience to the end user like You. DISC PLUS service, digital solutions division of Memory-Tech performs software development, performs the encoding queue Tech video, user support is that value plus performs, as a total solution that brings together the technical capabilities of the Memory-Tech Group We will continue to offer. DISC PLUS is a service in scheduled for this year in April.

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