Memory-Tech Holdings Inc. (Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan; President: Yutaka Ueda) today announces that Memory-Tech Corporation (Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan; President: Yutaka Ueda) and Q-TEC, Inc. (Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan; President: Tomonori Furusako) start together accepting orders for total solution services with regard to Ultra HD Blu-ray disc (UHD BD: a next-generation Blu-ray format).

Memory-Tech Group received the official certification as authorizing authoring house for UHD BD by Blu-ray Disc Association as of March 24th,2016. We had already received the official certification of commercial reproduction of UHD BD Disc as of December 22nd,2015. Therefore, we are now getting ready to provide our customers with all the services relating to UHD BD’s product package seamlessly.

We will start providing the total solution services in April 2016――from the encode and authoring by Q-TEC to the commercial replication by Memory-Tech. Memory-Tech Group is playing an instrumental role in dedicated to making UHD BD more widely available in the market.

Q-TEC uses “Quantel Rio” for UHD video editing, “Scenarist UHD” for UHD BD authoring, and “ATEME TITAN” for HEVC encoding. In addition, Q-TEC is planning to introduce new encoding-software by Sirius Pixels. These softwares are very important to demonstrate the performance of UHD BD’s newest technical specification, which includes High Dynamic Range and ITU-R BT.2020. Not only by state-of-the-art equipment, but also by the rich experience of optical disc mastering over 30 years, Q-TEC packages the valuable high-definition visual contents of our customers. Memory-Tech has already start mass-production all types of UHD BD Disc, including a capacity of 100GB consisting triple-layer structure ahead of our competition.

To meet the increasing demands of higher definitive and quality contents, Memory-Tech Group will provide total solution services in close relationship and cooperative system of the two companies, and continue to do our utmost to support our customers.

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